Contact Lens Safety

With the proper instructions and a few supplies, contact lens care is a simple task that will allow you to enjoy your new lenses as long as possible. Basic maintenance of your contact lenses includes four easy-to-follow steps: prepare, clean, rinse, and disinfect.

• Prepare: Wash your hands to remove dirt and germs that could contaminate your eyes. Avoid moisturizing or cream-based soaps as they are not good for costume contact lenses. Dry with a clean, lint-free towel.

• Clean: Avoiding your fingernails, remove one contact lens and clean it in the solution product recommended by your eye care professional. Place a few drops of the solution into the palm of your hand and gently rub the lens you’re your index finger to remove debris. Add more solution and flip over lens to repeat process.

• Rinse: Rinse lens with more solution to wash away dirt and buildup. Don’t skimp on this step! Also, never use water from the tap as a rinsing agent as it contains microorganisms that could cause an unwanted infection.

• Disinfect: Store your contact lenses in a clean case that has been filled with fresh solution to begin the disinfection process. “Topping off” your lens case with a bit of solution is like mixing clean with dirty; don’t do it! Allow your lenses to disinfect in the solution for the full amount of time (often 6 hours or longer) or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Following these simple steps will keep your contacts sterile and clean for your next wearing. These basic care instructions will remove buildup, cosmetics, allergens, and other debris that can muck up your contacts and make them uncomfortable to wear. When you follow these steps, you will be happy with your contact lenses and they will be happy with you!

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